Le Printemps de Juliette



Just near the apartment, Le Printemps de Juliette is a 3-star hotel and a restaurant and tea room, in the centre of the ski resort, in the heart of the Alpe d’Huez.

The hotel has 8 rooms full of bucolic charm, decorated in colours from childhood, with a view of the village and the mountains, each fully equipped with everything you need for your stay.

At Tea Time, come and relax in our Tea Room, enjoy our "High Tea" with our legendary Grand'ma Hot Chocolate with whipped cream, our Vin Chaud and our great buffet of cakes and pancakes as many as you can eat!

Before dinner, come and enjoy our dining aperitive composed of a great plate of homemade specialties such as Foie Gras, a good wine by the glass and homemade chips!

At dinner time, our Chef will cook for you the best Cheese Fondue, but also more sophisticated meals such as Schrimps stiks, great red beef ribs, and so on...

During winter, come and enjoy 2 times a week and Live Music with your aperitive and your dinner!

Obviously, people renting the apartments are welcome at the table of the Printemps de Juliette.